New Swimming Pool? The Must Have Pool Products, Equipment & Accessories

If you've just gotten a brand new swimming pool, there are a number of must-have pool products and accessories – essential pool equipment – you'll need to maintain optimal swimming conditions time after time. Your starter equipment is great, and essential to preserving your pool, however you will need to look at the long term maintenance of your new pool as well.

A pool pump is effectively the heart of a pool's filter system: it helps to cycle the water, sanitizing it by getting rid of dirt before redistributing it back into the pool. For this reason, it is absolutely essential that your pool pump is working to its full potential. A regular service can assure your pump is not only working correctly but will also prolong the life of your pump by picking up any issues and fixing them before they become major problems.

Pool chemical products are also important in both cleaning and balancing your swimming pool's water: chlorine cleans and sanitises your pool water while other balancing chemicals will optimise your pool water for your swimming comfort. When used in conjunction with an effective filtration system, it sanitises your pool's water by killing dangerous bacteria and viruses that can cause illness. This ensures your pool stays safe to use. Although there are at home treatments on the market, there is a risk to you and your family if these are not administered correctly.

Cool Pools of Canberra have state of the art pool water testing services which include providing the correct chemicals and dosage for your pool. This is administered by our highly trained staff and with a specific maintenance program for your swimming pool or spa. So, don’t risk it when you can call the experts.

Your new pool will have set you up with the basic equipment you need to manage your pool in the initial stages, however, what else is out there which could benefit you and your family and improve the life of your pool? Our Dolphin Robotic pool cleaners can keep your pool free from leaves, insects, and other nasty floaters. Simply drop one into your swimming pool and its high-powered vacuum will efficiently and comprehensively clean your pool from top to bottom.

Pool blankets are a great way of maintaining clear waters as they can shield your pool from the elements and prevent dust, debris and bugs from landing in your pool water. Cool Pools of Canberra can install and demonstrate how to use these effectively to ensure that you are getting the most out of your equipment. Plus, it takes out the hard work associated with scooping out unwanted leaves, insects and debris.

Now you have your new pool you might be wondering about the prospect of having a heated pool. Cool Pools of Canberra have the solution! Gas and electric heat pump options for your new pool will heat the water efficiently and effectively all year round. Our expert technicians can install these for you and also perform the ongoing maintenance required to service your gas or electric heater. If you are looking to lower your costs and carbon foot print down the track then perhaps a Solar heating system for your pool is ideal you.

Not only do Cool Pools of Canberra have a range of equipment that can assist with maintaining and servicing your new pool to increase its optimum lifespan, they can also assist you with products that can reduce the hard work associated with pool ownership through their pool cleaning services keeping your pool clean, crystal clear and safe for you and your family.

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